Pou awhi awhi (Whānau Support)

///Pou awhi awhi (Whānau Support)
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Pou awhi awhi

This service targets whānau who are in definite crisis. It includes those, affected by family violence, who are in need of parenting advice or who are generally struggling to cope.
Our Whānau Support works with the whānau to identify the key issues and come up with realistic solutions. These solutions are identified in a whānau plan which will set out what the whānau needs to do and what other people or services will do to help reach the goals.

Our mahi is strengths-based and mana-enhancing which means that the goal setting is positive and realistic. We want you to succeed and reach your goals and once achieved these can be reviewed and even higher goals are set. Too often we set the bar so incredibly high that it is near impossible to reach so we go nowhere.
The Whānau Support spends a lot of time alongside the whānau getting to know who they truly are and what strengths they bring to their lives. We also address the constraints that can get in the way of whānau being who they truly want to be.

We have helped many whānau get through challenging times and have helped them to move forward independently.

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