Pou arahi taiohi (Youth Worker)

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Pou arahi taiohi

This service targets young people, specifically Maori, who have been affected by domestic violence, relationship issues or who are at risk of offending.

Once again a whānau or individual plan is developed alongside the young person (and sometimes with their school) to identify issues, solutions and steps to achieve these goals.

Young people are given positive experiences outside of school that helps them develop self-confidence, leadership qualities, and team-work whilst learning new skills.

They do a variety of physical activities such as farm work, fencing, cutting tracks (Pukaha Mt Bruce), gardening or chopping firewood. Physical activities such as gym work and sports are also employed.

Good conduct, honest effort and 100% attendance at school is rewarded with a chance to go fishing, diving, waka ama or challenging our Social Workers at pool or ten-pin bowling.

Many of these activities also benefit the community as the young people deliver firewood to our kaumātua for winter or distribute kai moana or veges to whānau. They even get to take some home to their whānau. Some of these young people have even been offered paid holiday-work.

Youth at Pukaha

Youth cutting tracks at Pukaha Mt Bruce

Where relevant the youth also get to learn about the history of the area, the people and the environment.

Recently this success was recognised by the Associate Minister of Corrections as an exceptionally positive intervention with youth. The young people say that the inspiration for them is having the Social Worker right there beside them mucking in and leading by example.

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