Pukaha Mount Bruce

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Wildlife Visitor Centre

At the northern end of our rohe sits the Pukaha Mt Bruce Visitor centre, Rangitāne have had an active role in this place since the 1980s.

Pukaha is the last remnant of Te Tapere Nui o Whatonga (Seventy Mile Bush) and our ancestors have enjoyed this place for more than 30 generations.

More recently we have worked with the Pukaha Board to develop a predator control regime around the 942ha reserve to help restore the number of indigenous fauna in particular kiwi, kaka and kokako.

The visitor centre continues to grow as do visitor numbers.

The White Kiwi

white kiwi at Pukaha Mount BruceRangitāne played a key role in negotiating the transfer of 30 kiwis from Little Barrier Island (Hauturu) to Pukaha Mt Bruce.

The kiwis were translocated in 2010 and in May 2011 our 13th kiwi hatched and gave us all a fantastic surprise when Manukura our first white kiwi arrived. The news made headlines around the world.

Since then two more white kiwis have hatched. They have been named Mauriora and Mapuna.

Our kaumātua tell us that their arrival is a sign of new beginnings and a reminder that every little creature is special.