Rangitāne and fisheries

Rangitāne has a keen interest in fishing. We have our iwi allocation of fish quota which we lease out. The returns on this asset are used by the runanga to maintain services and invest back into the iwi. Ten percent of fisheries income is put into a Cultural Development Fund that is accessible by Rangitāne beneficiaries.

Fish Plan

Rangitāne have developed one of the first iwi fish plans in New Zealand. The fish plan sets out the objectives for the iwi in terms of development of fishing commercially, management of habitat and protection of species. This plan was a joint collaboration between Wairarapa, Manawatu and Tamaki Nui a Rua (Rangitāne).

Customary Fishing

Another service we provide is the issuing of customary permits to whānau. These can be obtained at the office through either Dane Rimene or Mike Kawana.

We are blessed with a remarkable and generous coastline and we encourage safety and humility when you are near the water.

Our kaimoana is a precious resource and there are competing interests in customary, recreational and commercial diving. We would encourage all those interested parties to help conserve this resource for future generations.