You can register with Rangitāne o Wairarapa using this online form. If you would like to find out more information about this or you want to know more about Rangitāne whakapapa please call Merle Te Tau on 06 370 0600, or email her at and she/we will try to help you.

When you have completed and sent the electronic form we will receive it and check it through. You will then receive a letter in the post asking you to sign and verify your details as being correct (the Crown requires all registrations to be signed). We will also give you a reply paid envelope in which to return the form to us.

Kia ora ano for registering with us.

Register Online
In order to better serve the needs and advance the interests of Rangitāne o Wairarapa people, a contacts database and register of descendants is being created by Te Rūnanga o Rangitāne o Wairarapa. The beneficiary register is for direct descendants of Rangitāne. The contacts database is open to all beneficiaries and whānau whānui who are a part of our community.
Through the establishment of a beneficiary register the rūnanga will be able to communicate tribal issues of interest to you. This includes assisting you to connect to wider whānau, hapū and marae events. Registered beneficiaries will be entitled to participate in formal rūnanga decision-making processes, and be eligible to benefit from any Waitangi Tribunal settlements the tribe is currently seeking. To register, please fill out as much of this form as you can. Staff at the Rangitāne o Wairarapa office can assist you with any parts you are unsure of.
Because whakapapa is important to us we will look after and respect the information you supply and will ensure that it is cared for within accordance of our tikanga. We will also ensure it remains confidential with the terms of the Privacy Act 1993, and that no whakapapa or sensitive personal details will be disclosed to other people without your permission.
Contact Merle Te Tau on 06 370 0600, or email